Depth Psychology

Annie Jordan

Consultant & Facilitator:

Depth-Oriented, Mindfulness-Based Storytelling to Empower Your Life.

Dr. Jordan has 25+ years experience working directly with people from ages 3-92 who experience(d) non-ordinary states of reality, mania, Alzheimer’s & dementia, developmental & intellectual disabilities, hearing voices, violent behavior tendencies, inter-generational familial trauma/abuse, intimate partner abuse, sexual assault, predation, C-PTSD, suicidal ideation &/or self-harm, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, & those who have lived through war &/or attempted genocide.

Therapeutic Orientations: Depth Psychology ~ Jungian ~ Alchemical ~ Archetypal ~ Imaginal ~ Ecopsychology ~ Indigenous Knowledge Systems ~ Community-Based Perspectives ~ Wisdom Traditions

Areas of Specialization: Discovery & Implementation of your Psyche Process ~ Trauma (Individual, Group, & Ancestral/Inter-Generational) ~ Cross-Cultural Dynamics ~ Shadow Work ~ Emotional Education ~ Self-Reclamation from Abuse (familial, intimate partner, platonic, cultural, etc).

Practice Methods: Storytelling ~ Nature-based activities ~ Art-Creative practices ~ Dream Tending ~ Reflective Deep-Listening ~ Mindfulness practices ~ Active Imagination Techniques

People tell me their stories & I reflect them back to help people learn about their unique psychic & intellectual make-ups. We find processes & practices you can use throughout your life to navigate your lived experiences & tend your psychological & somatic needs.

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Sessions Offered & Fee

  • In-person: Monday-Friday @ Health Resolutions 33 Main St., Burlington, VT, 05401. (Covid-19 Vaccinated Only.)
  • Telecommunication: Online/Video or Phone Call, Weekdays, Evenings, & some Weekends.
  • Outdoors: Meeting in public & safe spaces, such as city parks or water fronts, in select circumstances. 
  • Fee: Inquire about payment plans & sliding-scale fees when necessary. 
    • $150/hr 
    • Cash~Venmo~Check~Credit~Paypal accepted
    • Insurance not accepted.

Emotional Education:

  • Learn how to identify emotions, triggers, & correlating actions/reactions.
  • Identify & Develop navigation tools that compliment your personality, relationships, & psychic infrastructure.
  • Enhance your ability to work with your emotional patterns & lived experiences.

Storytelling: Reflective practice wherein you are empowered to Tell Your Story or stories in a safe space while I listen into & reflect pieces of your story back to you to discover deeper meaning & learn practical applications of life events.

The Intuitive Process is cultivated from Dr. Jordan's 25+ years of personal & group psychological work informed by Depth Psychological and Indigenous Knowledge Systems & Traditions from a global perspective.

Dr. Jordan's role is to witness your story, hear what parts of the story seem to be asking for attention, & honestly reflect them. 

Self-Empowered approach through a co-creative process wherein Dr. Jordan helps you develop tools to create & sustain the life you want to live.

The purpose/goal of this process is to empower your ability to recognize & utilize the various tools & resources available to you to accomplish your goals.


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OCross Cultural Reconciliation:

Cross Cultural Reconciliation: Facilitate personal & collective trauma recovery and engender cross cultural relationships between relocated persons/families & NGO's/Non Profits to co-create self directed community building projects & experiences through reparative justice models.


Alchemical Art & EcoPsychology:

Alchemical art is a psychological self-care process to use with a healer or on your own.  Alchemical art explores one’s relationship with one’s intuition, creative potential, & shadow parts.

One is guided through & partakes in imaginal dialogues with natural patterns and designs viewed as the sensory symbolic language of psyche, the unconscious, and dissociated trauma parts.

Dream Work: Learn skills to engage archetypal patterns, images, symbols, & nature to develop & enhance your own way of processing lived experiences with an emphasis on the unconscious through dream landscapes.


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